Let Go and Grow

You may be the best designer, plumber, roofer, gardener, electrician or contractor, but at the end of a long day do you have enough time and energy to keep up with quotations, invoicing, bookkeeping, paying your bills and returning  calls and emails?

So many people take the big step to start their own company and seldom realize that overnight they are instantly supposed to turn into experts at running a business. That is a whole different skill set. As boss of your company maybe you could decide to find “people” to do the business side of things. You may think this would be too expensive and I say to you …how do you know? It may be as little as $45 a month. No question is too silly and no business too small.  Call me and I will explain how easy and affordable it is to delegate. In other words…

Let Go and Grow!

Lindy Totty

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How effective can Fred be trying to run his business from a job site?

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