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I am late filing my taxes, what do I do now?

If you find yourself one or more years behind, then the best thing is to collect all your paperwork and we will make arrangements to pick it up. We will then put all the information into an electronic format separated by year. This method is the most affordable way to fast-track getting caught up. SBSS can get you caught up in days! We can then either prepare your taxes for you or send the information to you or your accountant. No one likes the pressure of being behind and not knowing how much might be owed in back taxes and penalties. What may seem daunting for you is very easy for us. You can trust us to be fast and affordable.

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

I have managed to do my own paperwork so far, so I’m not really sure if I need a bookkeeper.  Is there really a benefit for a small business?

When the business is starting out, owners often choose to do their own books or get help from a family member or spouse.  As the business grows however, they reach a point where a decision must be made as to where to focus the limited hours in a day.  In order to focus on growing the business they now seek professional assistance and this is where we can help.   SBSS can do part or all of the bookkeeping.  It is far less expensive to out-source this work than it is to hire an employee at this point.

What range of services does a bookkeeper perform?

A bookkeeper tracks the inflow and outflow of your company’s money on a daily basis to determine how the business is performing.  They update the accounts, and provide regular statements.  They also regularly discuss business performance with the owner, and make specific recommendations about ways to improve profit.  Bank Reconciliations, as well as Income tax and GST/HST returns are also prepared by the bookkeeper.

What computer software do you work with?

QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and MYOB are the most common.

What happens if I get audited?

In the event of an audit, we will happily work with the auditors.  We stand behind our work.

How do I get my paperwork to you for processing?

I don’t have an office for anyone to come to, so how do I get my paperwork to you for processing?

Just put your meal receipts, gas receipts, receipts for equipment purchases and so on in an envelope along with copies of that month’s invoices and monthly bank statement.  Arrangements will be made to pick up your envelope at a time that is convenient to you and it will be returned the following month. We will enter this information into our system and send you monthly financial reports, GST/HST returns, and any other documents relevant to keeping you on top of your business.

What are the prices for writing a proposal or bid?

The price depends on the size of the project and scope. SBSS will review the bid document (i.e. RFQ, RFP, etc) and provide you with a quote consisting of an estimation of the number of hours we plan to spend on the project, the hourly rate, and any other additional costs such as printing, binding, and courier services. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Do you handle residential technical support?

We provide both residential and business technical support. Basic PC software problems can be addressed over the telephone or by using remote access to your PC. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process every step of the way. More complicated problems with hardware, may need to be dealt with on-site by a technical support specialist.