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An invoice should clearly show the related purchase order number, invoice date, due date, terms, such as net 30, the customer’s bill and ship to addresses, details of the items shipped or work performed, line totals, subtotal, tax, any deposit paid and total due.

The customer should be made aware of your return and exchange policy before you ship the item or perform the service. Still, include the information on the invoice. Also, include a section for the customer to put his payment methods, such as debit or credit card, check or money order. The customer can return the invoice to you with his payment, or, he can simply reference the invoice number when sending in his payment.

SBSS can take care of invoicing for you on a daily or weekly basis and keep on top of any overdue accounts involving collections.

We can help you keep on top your invoices…remember, every late payment is an interest-free loan that hurts your cash flow.