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9269369A sales quote allows a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for the work or service they would like to have done. Many businesses provide services that cannot have an upfront price, as the costs involved can vary. This can be due to the materials that would be used (which can differ depending on the individual needs of the customer), and the manpower that would be necessary. It is therefore common practice to provide the potential customer with a quote (or estimate) of how much the service or work should cost.


SBSS provides Quotation/Estimates development services to present your solutions to your prospects in an effective and professional manner. When considering the information provided on a quote, not only the price should be important; it is also vital to showcase the quality and professionalism of your company.


Our sales team can handle ongoing (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)  quotations depending on your business requirements. We will work with you to develop one or more templates that can be used to provide quick estimates or more elaborate quotations to your customers promptly. After a quote is sent, the team will follow-up with to answer any questions and help you close the sale.


SBSS can help your company keep on top of this everyday administration task so you can focus on growing your business.